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Our family-owned restaurant offers authentic Middle Eastern flavors, hospitality, and warmth in Brooklyn.

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Mansaf platter

From Palestine to New York City

Ruzana was born out of the sheer love of flavor and family. After immigrating to the United States over 30 years ago, Khadija Abdul-Fattah recognized how food could build connections between people. Though she missed her home country of Palestine, Khadija made the best of her situation by bringing a piece of home to New York City.

Our dishes complete our culinary vision of bright colors and bursts of flavor that inspire our guests to indulge in Middle Eastern culture. Each meal is made with love and passion that transports you to the beautiful and culture-rich country of Palestine.

Our Mission

Bringing Middle Eastern Charm to the Bright and Buzzing Brooklyn

Our growing restaurant offers authentic Palestinian cuisine paired with exceptional customer service. Ruzana offers authentic Middle Eastern flavors by using spices from back home.

Our fresh and vibrant dishes are made with love and served in a cozy, warm atmosphere with attentive service that will keep you coming back for more.

Sourcing the Best

Our curated menu offers flavors sourced directly from Palestine to provide the most authentic experience. Our menu is inspired by natural flavors and ingredients that are nutritional and true to traditional Middle Eastern dishes.

Your Smile Is the Best Compliment

Khadija had a deep love of cooking before she immigrated to the United States. Before opening Ruzana, she was making delicious meals for her family. Now, the team at Ruzana works relentlessly to offer unmatched flavor and culture using only natural and authentic ingredients.